Restless Rover Canine Training, LLC
In-home Private Consultations and Training

Solutions for High-Energy Dogs

This service is designed for owners who are not able to provide the appropriate amount of physical and mental activity dogs require to satisfy their natural needs.

  • Is your dog left alone during the day while you’re at work, anxiously awaiting your arrival home, but when you return you find yourself too exhausted or have other commitments that limit the amount of time you can spend with her?
  • You walk and/or exercise your dog frequently, however, he remains rambunctious and ready for more?
  • You recently adopted a dog from a shelter; you love her, but she is just too much to handle? Note: Shelters can be stressful environments for dogs. The stress level in newly adopted dogs will subside over time as the dog adjusts to the new home. Activities involving mental and physical stimulation play a key role in alleviating stress.

Restless Rover specializes in helping clients integrate activities that satisfy the dog’s needs into your schedule. For example, while you’re at work, Restless Rover will come to your home and take your dog out to engage in activities that include physical activity along with training exercises and dog games that are mentally stimulating. Restless Rover can also help you plan activities that you and your dog can enjoy alone that enhances your relationship.

Problem-Solving and Behavioral Modification

This service provides solutions for problem behaviors (including aggression). The process involves identifying and understanding the factors encouraging the unwanted behavior, immediately setting up a management plan to protect the dog, and implementing an incremental conditioning process that will enable the dog to eventually feel comfortable in situations that trigger the unwanted behavior.

The following can be provided as standalone services or as part of the two primary services described above:

  • Handling - Teaching the dog to walk on a loose leash
  • Basic Obedience - Sit, down, stay, off, leave it, and recall